The Darkness


The darkness that surronded her was suffocating, it was the kind of darkness that consumed your whole being, your whole self, devouring you until there was nothng left but a shell. It took away her knowloadge of the world, of where she was or what she was doing, and it was unyeilding in it’s task, solid. And yet liquid, always changing, always moving, never the same, and yet never diffrent.  She could have been in the darkness for mer seconds, or days or years. There was no concept of time here. 

Then, there was light. Bright, blinding light that came in waves, pushing away the darkness, and wafting over her until the darkness was gone. And in this light, came a figure. 

Long and dark and slim, the figure reached out for her, expertly grasping her being in it’s long fingers and pulling her into the light. At first she struggled, she did not want to go. Although she had not liked the darkness she knew somehow that the light was worse, there was something waiting for her on the otherside, all the things she had done, those horrible acts. She did jot want to go back. And so she pulled, back toward that horrible darkness.

The figure was whispering something now,

“You need not have the same life, or be the same person” it whispered, and it’s voice startled her, it was lighteter than she had thought. 

“All the things you have done, and the person you were does not matter. You may start anew, as you wish to be. Come now.”

And so she let her self slip into the light. Coming back to the world. 


Something tickled at the back of her mind. It felt like something important and horrible she was forgeting. But perhaps, she thought, it is something She did not want to remember. And so she let it be, that tickle at the back of her mind, and continued on with her life as it was, as, at least she thought, it had always been. 


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