In The Wind

Teenage writing

It’s been a while, away in happy places, gone on the next train out of town.
But maybe I needed it, maybe It was good for me. Good to leave behind thoughts of her, and cloud them out with distractions. A month or two without over thinking things. A month or two out of my own toxic mind.
It was good for me. And I think of these things no more, feel things no more. They’re just memories now, fleeting and flying and dashing, gone so fast I could barley see them, gone before I could catch them in jars like glowing fireflies and kiss them goodbye with cracking lips and wash them away with cheap brandy.
But of course it did leave behind some things, some things. Feelings. Betrayal&hatred but I must rid of them. Let them fly on the wind, birds that are the cages for those feelings. Those feelings that fill the cavities in my chest with black smoke and rotting bone. Gone they are in the wind.



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