Come To Tea

Teenage writing

20140421-191400.jpg Little flowered foot bunny
Your invited to tea,
Come on in and you can see

Don’t be shy little white bunny
There are many friends already inside with more to come too!
Trailing in one by one, two, by two

Plenty of cakes and other yummy foods
My darling white bunny
please don’t be rude

I know that you want to
My furry little friend
And my cottage so close! Its just around the bend.

So come on in,
and a party we can throw
All the tea you could want, you can swallow

So what do you say?
Sweet bunny, darling dear?
Are you coming to my tea party?

Please do Rosey dear!

Happy (a little late) Easter! A poem inspired by my little darling white Easter bunny Rosey, and the gorgeous mug I received from my mama!
I was feeling sort well, little girlish about the bunny( I may have brought her to school so I could have her at my dads…) so this is the result!


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