Four Years

Teenage writing

For four years
Waited in silence
A question arose,
but never asked

for four years
watching in wonder
is it possible?
as I love her?

I knew in mind
it was not true
She was hers,
not a thought of me

But in heart
That it could be
the same for her

Four years, even then I knew
That she never could.
I needed her for me,
what selfish hope

But friend of mine she loved
fire as it burned
I suppose there is no help to sorrow
For I knew the love was borrowed

She was never mine to take
In those four years make
The jealousy flower
But perhaps now I can let go

Of those four years

One of the first poems I’ve ever written as I tend to be more into fiction but I though perhaps I should share it, see what people think. To know whether it would be worth, or if I should continue to write more.
criticism is much appreciated!



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