Age Doesn’t matter, we can do anything? Well not entirely true



Being the age I am, I often feel very insecure about my writing. I think to myself, is it worth it?
As I read other posts on this site, or the words of a famous author I reflect on how untrained I am in this, how naive, and how uninformed. I read the words of an adult and I can see how empty my writing is compared, the lack of experience and knowledge.
It is hard to put onto paper( or rather the internet) what I mean by this.
The work of someone older, one who has finished even just high school has much more substance, they know the rules of writing that I have not yet had the privilege to learn, and experience with many more things.
And I wonder, who would want to read the petty ramblings of a teenager? Though many of my peers praise me on my writing I know that it is not that great.
This, this insecurity often hinders my work. It nags at the back of my mind as I type, spewing words of discouragement.
You suck, why bother? Have you read the work of others? Compared to them you must look like a lump on a log. You’re nothing but a teenager who has a dream to big for her own head!
All the thoughts of the disbelievers finding their way into my young, fresh brain.
I compare my work to everything! Even to that of a cousin only a year older. She has finished this grade, she has had the chance to explore the wonders of this world more than I, so what do I think I am doing? Sitting here writing petty stories, posting on a blog where all other participants are adults who have what it takes.
And then I remind myself that I am only 15 and my knowledge will grow, and my experience will expand. I must practice for all I am worth, find new and inventive ways to create a new world, to write a blog post thats worth reading.

Of course that doesn’t actually work, in fact it usually makes things worse. Yet here I am, writing another blog post for the world to see just how inexperienced I am.
So there! I’ve done it, gone and told the world another petty problem that no one actually cares about. I guess maybe I am hoping to attract other adolescents who have that same problem.
WELL! Goodbye again, I shall continue to write and in 5-6 years I will look back upon this post and laugh about how sucky my grammar and punctuation is (because I am quite aware of my failings), and see then how much I have improved and maybe even write a novel or two.


6 thoughts on “Age Doesn’t matter, we can do anything? Well not entirely true

  1. I think all writers, almost all of the time, worry about their writing. Since it’s an art form, and not necessarily similar to other types (painting, singing, etc.), in that it takes a fan to actually engage in the work, it’s harder to know whether you are “good” or “bad”. It’s just part of the writing world, no matter what level you are at.

  2. Don’t discount who you are or how old you are as compared to other writers. You hold a unique perspective that many more “seasoned” writers desperately wish they could relive and through your words you offer them a glimpse to their own past through yours.

    I for one appreciate the boldness that you pursue in your writing. I missed out but not paying attention during my classes when I was younger. I rarely read a book in high school and wrote even less. I am amazed that I even graduated and perhaps some people in the registrars office are still amazed as well.

    Later in life I began to read all of the classic books that I should have read in school. I developed an interest in writing as well and I am still reading, listening and learning from others around me.

    Take time to enjoy your own story as it unfolds around you. After all a story isn’t just about arriving at the desired ending but how you got there.

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