The complex creature

Teenage writing

The teenage mind is an inevitably complex creature, in ways comparable to that of a toddler. We act out randomly with no apparent cause or trigger, we can go on the most meaningless rants, we often throw love about as if it is dandelion fluff… See where I am heading with this? Yes, OK then!

Now here is something even scarier… The mind of a teenage writer. Think about it! All the swirling feelings of a regular teen, then add the random, crazy ideas a writer is constantly being pelted with? Yah, terrifying.

Well I live with that everyday. I guess maybe thats why I started this, as an organizational tool more than anything. I mean it’s not as if I planned it, I was browsing through some cool blogs and I suddenly found my self creating it!
Ok!! And there goes the rant, I’m gonna slow that down before it gets to bad.
Anyway thats what this is, an organizational tool for my mind, a place where I can store all my crazy random day thoughts.

BTW I have never used word press before, you know being 15 and all, sooo if I am doing this wrong someone let me know? If anyone actually follows not that I much care.


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